In 2017, a group of climbers from the Lugo-based Verso Libre club, detected a number of rock faces in the municipality of Baleira that would be suitable for sport and traditional climbing. These rock faces are located in the villages of Fontaneira and Vilarín de Cubilledo, in the heart of the municipality.

Following discussions between Baleira town council and the Galician Climbing and Mountain Sports Federation to obtain their approval and support, work began on creating a number of itineraries, providing them with the necessary facilities and amenities.

The Penas de Vilarín mountains (Ribón peak) are an ideal location for traditional lead climbing. To date, this is the only rock face suitable for this type of climbing in the province of Lugo. It is located at an altitude of 1,800 metres in A Lastra mountain range and due to its westerly orientation, it is best enjoyed in spring and autumn. The altitude and occasional winds create an alpine-like climbing setting. More than 70 metres dotted with plaques, seams and cracks make for multiple openings and there are currently around twenty different routes. The quartzite rock is of outstanding hardness and quality, and determining the type of equipment required.


In contrast, the Penas de Fontaneira mountains are perfect for beginners in sport climbing due to their easy access and breathtakingly beautiful backdrop. They consist of a series of rocky crags of varying heights, which are broken up but relatively close to one another and up to 18 metres high, although the average height of the routes is between 10 and 15 metres. The rock is also white quartzite, and the orientation is similar to that of the Penas de Vilarín mountains.

Both areas boast a magnificent natural setting amidst the Atlantic forests such as A Marronda, a unique site as it is considered Europe’s westernmost beech tree reserve. The municipality of O Cádavo boasts a large network of PR and GR paths that are the ideal complement for a climbing trip. As for the scenery, the mountain peaks afford 360º panoramic views of the Ancares, Lugo and Fonsagrada mountain ranges.