Mountain Biking


Val de Baleira MTB Route

Mountain biking includes a wide range of sporting, leisure and tourism options that are perfect for exploring the territory and admiring the superb landscape. It combines environmental, economic, cultural and social benefits, promoting a natural and healthy lifestyle that is both sustainable and eco-friendly.

The MTB routes pass through rural settlements that are practically uninhabited, contributing to the economic recovery of these forgotten villages, breathing new life into them thanks to the comings and goings of visitors, who also generate interest in the local built and environmental heritage, whilst at the same time encouraging local residents to revive ancient traditions and rehabilitate the numerous and varied examples of traditional Galician architecture. Another key factor for consideration is the  fact that the MTB routes are fully compatible with traditional countryside activities. They also contribute to keeping the roads and public paths free from excessive undergrowth.


The “Baleira Valley” route departs from the main square in O Cádavo, situated just a few metres from the Town Hall. It then makes its way towards the village of A Pradela, in the Baleira valley. After climbing up Vacariza hill, it comes to the Miradoiro viewpoint, which affords matchless views of the valley. This stage of the route is fairly easy, running through forest paths and ancient tracks used by farming machinery.

From here, the route begins its descent towards the source of the River Eo, in the village of Fonteo. It then continues past Monte do Lobo mill before coming to Penas peak, another natural monument boasting breathtaking views over the lands that make up Baleira. The route continues through Golpilleira and then Cerreda, a village in ruins. Next come the villages of Sanguñedo, Candín before the route ends back at the main square in O Cádavo. The route is 26.3 km long, the highest point is 1,030 metres above sea level and the lowest 590 metres. It is definitely a great opportunity for cycling lovers to discover the marvellous natural landscapes that are the hallmark of this region.

The itinerary includes an alternative for those athletes eager to extend the route a little further and make the most of a full day’s cycling. Starting at Monte do Lobo, it heads towards San Paio, where the cycle track joins up with the A Marronda hiking path, giving cyclists the chance to enjoy stunning scenery such as the Ferreria or Aceña da Serra waterfalls.