Church of San Lourenzo de Pousada


The mother church of the capital of the municipality is a large temple with three naves separated by pillars and pilasters. Masonry and slate were used for the roof, which is supported by a wooden frame. Opposite the central nave is the tower, comprising three sections: the lower section is the portico and features a pillar and pilaster; the middle section is topped by a projecting ledge; and the upper section has four turrets, two bells and an octagonal chimney.

Below the nave, the chancel is covered on two sides, providing additional support for the ribs of two buttresses situated at the far ends and one on the southern face. The chancel is used as the vestry, whilst the lower altar acts as the triumphal arch. The raised choir stalls are located at the base of the arch, whilst the side pilasters house a holy water font, a baptismal font and the pulpit.

The Baroque main altarpiece has three covers at the base, three at the top and four spiral columns. Remains of the gilding and painting can still be seen. It features sculptures of Saint Laurence, Saint Anthony holding the Child Jesus, Our Lady of the Rosary and a Saint making the sign of the blessing with his right hand.

A number of other items to be seen in this church are of particular interest: examples include a gold metal cross with cylindrical arms, a holy water vessel and a censer, both made of gold metal, an engraved silver holy chalice, a silver seal dating back to the 17th or 18th century, and a tabernacle in the vestry with Christ resurrected.