Church of Santa María de Librán


Although this church has undergone a number of alterations, it still conserves several Romanesque elements. Attached to the main façade is the tower which is divided into two sections: the lower section features a pointed arch, forming a kind of base, whilst the upper section has four recesses for the bells, a semi-circular arch and plain imposts.

The gabled nave can be accessed via a main and a side door. There are also indications of the existence of a former room annexed to the right-hand wall. The main chapel features a semi-circular triumphal arch, whilst the other three arches form a kind of large recess.  At the rear of the church there is a semi-circular apse, probably of Romanesque origin, although its appearance has been altered following renovation work.

An image of the Virgin Mary presides over the main altarpiece, which is Baroque in style and flanked by estipite columns. There are also sculptures of Saint Elizabeth, Saint Anthony and Saint John, all dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and an image of the Virgin and Child in Romanesque style. The church treasures include several metal chalices and a large granite baptismal font that is possibly of medieval origin.