Church of Santiago de Cubilledo


In general terms, this parish church, with slate bonding on the sides and head, is post 18th century. The four-sided atrium is topped by a three gable roof and features three semi-circular arches, one at the front, whilst the western arch is partially mortared. The nave has a wooden ceiling covered by a gabled roof, as well as a main door and side entrances, and a bell tower with three openings: two in the bottom section and one at the top.

The main chapel featuring a hip roof is accessed via a semi-circular arch in a plain wall. It is flanked by two small chapels with a semi-circular arch enclosed on three sides. The 18th century main altarpiece is a magnificent example of Baroque art with images of Saint James on horseback, Saint Anthony, the Good Shepherd and a Virgin. Dating back to the same period as the altarpiece is a wooden tabernacle decorated with figures in relief, including Christ, Saint James, Saint Peter and several angels. On either side we find unpainted Neo-classical retables, a figure of Our Lady of Sorrows on the left and a bodiless Virgin on the right.