Rutas de senderismo

Certified by the Galician Climbing and Mountain Sports Federation under number PR-G145, and signposted along its length in accordance with the legislation in force, the Marronda - Alto Eo Route runs through the parishes of A Braña, Martín and Cubilledo. It has been designed to allow visitors to discover this area’s wealth of natural resources, which include the Fraga da Marronda woods and the magnificent River Eo.
In the past, it was used by residents of the parish of Librán, which sections of the paths pass through. These tracks led to the communal woodland called “O Carballal”, where the locals would gather the varas de carballo - fine oak twigs that they would then use to make loras – the ropes that held together the centre of the “head yokes” (a wooden instrument used to harness pairs of plough animals).
The series of paths and tracks that make up this route are those traced by local residents to collect natural resources or to connect the various settlements. A number have evolved into modern roads whilst others have fallen into disuse due to changing needs and habits over the years.